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Wordsmith... Trend Spotter ... Accessories Addict ...
New Yorker ... North Forker ... Scrabble Obsessive

I've worked in digital and print publishing my entire career, most notably as Editor-in-Chief of Accessories Magazine, and have loved every minute. I've visited hundreds of designer studios, fashion shows, watch fairs in Switzerland, shoe shows in Italy, eyewear shows in Paris, watch factories in Japan, artisan fairs in Marrakech, jewelry shows in Hong Kong, Fashion Week in Tel Aviv  ... notebook in hand, questions ready. 

The best part? Helping designers, brands, artists and retailers tell their personal and brand stories, and the most common feedback I hear is: "You said it better than I ever could!"  

I've created articles for The New York Times Styles, Washington Post, Northforker + Northforker Weddings, Wine Press, The Girlfriend, Hamptons Country, Elliman, Stuff, Accessories, Footwear Plus, National Jeweler, JCK, Earnshaw's, Footwear Plus, EyeWear, S3 Turks & Caicos, Smock, The New York Observer and more, not to mention trend reports and branded projects for Informa Fashion (Coterie, MICAM Americas, WWDMAGIC, AccessoriesTheShow), Accessories Council, FashionGo, and more. 

I received my B.S. in Communications from Cornell University and I like to think I've done my "Writing for Magazines" professor proud!


- Lauren


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Sherie Dolinoy, Former Publisher,
Accessories Magazine

Lauren and I worked side by side for over 15 years at Accessories Magazine as Publisher and Editor. She is wicked smart, comes up with a million creative and money-making ideas and is a great collaborator. She juggles the industry's many facets with ease--from writing market reports, business stories and brand/retailer profiles to creating trend pages and runway posts. She really has her finger on the pulse of the market and is super-connected in the accessories industry. That's why her coverage is always spot on and pulled together so fast!

Emily Blumenthal, Founder, Handbag Designer 101,

Independent Handbag Designer Awards

Lauren is an expert in the accessories market. Over the past 15 years, Lauren has been the go to for everything handbags and jewelry. She is more than a pleasure to work with but just a solid human being.

Jodi Lin (Wiener) Gresham, Director,

Public Relations & Brand Strategy Jodi Lin PR

Lauren is an insightful, talented writer, and a pleasure to work with. She is a sharp and creative multi-tasker who does it all with a smile.

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